Archive - February 2001
28/2/2001 Issue is whether BA parties should honour undertakings
28/2/2001 UMNO leaders - new Malaysians or old racists?
27/2/2001 Boycott BA meetings do not arise
27/2/2001 6% EPF dividend - Why?
27/2/2001 Major breakthrough: 2,000 Malays sign Damansara SOS campaign"
26/2/2001 80% Malaysians no confidence in judiciary
26/2/2001 CMM to raid EPF for more bailouts?
26/2/2001 DAP-Keadilan - latest strain
26/2/2001 Damansara school: 10 questions for Hon Choon Kim
25/2/2001 Seremban murder case: Ainum or Gani Patail must speak up
25/2/2001 "Historic breakthrough for Chinese education"?
New Deal - invite to LLS, LKY and LHD
Damansara school: Ting's colossal error
Damansara school - Role of MCA members
23/2/2001 Freeze 20-75 pc water rate increases
23/2/2001 White Paper - Why MSC has lost all its glitter
23/2/2001 New deal - nation-wide conferences
22/2/2001 Oil palm price crisis - Cabinet another disappointment
22/2/2001 Three Kingdoms in Seremban murder suspect bail case
22/2/2001 ACA - submit annual report to Parliament
22/2/2001 New Deal - DAP invites MCA, Gerakan, SUPP, MIC
22/2/2001 8th Plan New Deal - Nation-wide campaign 
21/2/2001 Seremban murder case: Plot thickens
21/2/2001 A big hole in first Suhakam report?
21/2/2001 Gerakan must dare to be different from MCA
20/2/2001 Seremban murder inquiry: public and  independent
20/2/2001 Norian Mai purported speech on Internet
19/2/2001 A New Deal for Mother-tongue Education in   8th Plan
19/2/2001 US Iraqi airstrikes - withdraw LIMA invite to USAF
19/2/2001 Mahathir - New Malaysian or New Malay?
19/2/2001 Make Damansara school model community school
18/2/2001 Damansara school walkathon arrests: MCA responsible?
18/2/2001 Mohtar Abdullah: Withdraw from hearing any appeal
18/2/2001 BN-BA Nationl Unity talks should replace UMNO-PAS Malay Unity talks
17/2/2001 8th Malaysia Plan - Build 100 new Chinese primary schools
17/2/2001 Time dotCom fiasco - EPF, SOCSO should declare position
16/2/2001 DAP condemns police tear gas/acid water at peaceful crowd
16/2/2001 RM1b stabilisation fund for oil palm smallholders
16/2/2001 Time dotCom's IPO fiasco - another RM1.4b bailout?
15/2/2001 Website on Taib - Parliament censure for ACA
14/2/2001 Anwar's condition & UMNO's bona fides for "Malay Unity" Talks
13/2/2001 Lift Malaysiakini ban - violate MSC bill of Guarantee
13/2/2001 K-Cabinet reshuffle - drop the deadwood Ministers
12/2/2001 Anwar case as top issue in UMNO-PAS  Feb 19 meet?
12/2/2001 Zam on Malaysiakini
12/2/2001 Website on Taib's corruption: ACA's deafening silence
11/2/2001 RM11 billion Perwaja Steel scandal: two questions for ACA
11/2/2001 M's sophistry: PAS should reconsider Feb. 19 talk
10/2/2001 "Tell all" Conference on Rm1.7b MAS deal
9/2/2001 Damansara school - nation-wide  mass signature campaign
9/2/2001 AG - review  AI, LGE, Karpal, Irene and Ezam cases
9/2/2001 Ghafar more visionary and Malaysian than Mahathir
9/2/2001 RM1.79b MAS deal - AG should prosecute CBT
8/2/2001 Prelude to UMNO power struggle
7/2/2001 Taib Mahmud - why no ACA investigations?
7/2/2001 Malaysiakini ban imperils MSC
7/2/2001 Damansara school - good for records book, what else?
6/2/2001 One Uni-One State: 20 years late
6/2/2001 Anwar - Urgent Open Appeal to Abdullah
6/2/2001 Damansara school arrests: Who blacked out photos
6/2/2001 Cabinet - Dinosaur or not?
6/2/2001 Anwar factor central to UMNO renewal
5/2/2001 Most open challenge to Mahathir leadership since Razaleigh
4/2/2001 Malaysia's K-economy: Recognise UEC
3/2/2001 "Takkan UMNO Hilang di Dunia"
2/2/2001 ACA, UMNO money politics and Taib Mahmud
2/2/2001 Drawn kris in sea of blood - IGP/AG must act
1/2/2001 Cabinet Ministers - bad role models as Malaysian patriots
1/2/2001 Dzaiddin's judicial reforms: Mahathir should declare stand