Archive - December 2001

31/12/2001 First 2002 Cabinet meeting - no one will die because cannot afford dialysis 
30/12/2001 KJ Ratnam heads probe into racial segregation of students
29/12/2001 Islamic state and RM3.2 billion Halim Saad put option cast long shadow
29/12/2001 Kill PM plot story - Deputy Minister contacted should explain his action
29/12/2001 Cabinet should set up high-powered committee on racial streaming of students
28/12/2001 Racial streaming of students - Perak education director admits
28/12/2001 The Sun's deplorable assassination plot  blooper - the real lesson
27/12/2001 BN appreciation of Chinese schools should not be seasonal - for votes
26/12/2001 Education Ministry - end shambolic state of affairs 
25/12/2001 MAS plan to retrench 3,000-4,000 workers - make it public
24/12/2001 Racial streaming of students: don't kill the messenger but examine message
24/12/2001 Secular/Islamic state controversy: don't miss the wood for the trees
23/12/2001 Biggest constitutional and nation-building crisis in Malaysian history
22/12/2001 National scandal - over 1,000 die because cannot afford dialysis
21/12/2001 MPs and Zahir should be sent on gender sensitisation programme
21/12/2001 Race-streaming of students tarnish education system not statements
21/12/2001 Malaysiakini - cherish hard-earned credibility and reputation
20/12/2001 Gani as AG - don't assume appointment until all doubts cleared
20/12/2001 Racial streaming of students - Abdullah too easily satisfied
19/12/2001 Islamic state declaration "not statement of intention": Abdullah wrong
19/12/2001 Secular front: Mahfuz cannot dictate to DAP
19/12/2001 Gani as AG - six questions to cease questioning his credibility
19/12/2001 Kean Siew - one in a million in MCA who dares to speak up
18/12/2001 Take disciplinary action against racial streaming of classes
18/12/2001 Gani as AG - restore confidence in administration of justice more important
18/12/2001 Snap polls - Mahathir's game of semantics
17/12/2001 MSC - gift to the world or embarrassment
16/12/2001 US veto on Security Council resolution  - Bush pandering to American Jewish lobby
16/12/2001 Secular front - proposal DAP return to BA not serious response
15/12/2001 Malaysian secularists - Muslim and non-Muslim : Unite!
15/12/2001 DAP to lodge Suhakam report against "academic police"
15/12/2001 Fong Po Kuan case - Parliament highest kangaroo court in land
12/12/2001 Ridiculous rules on foreign university research
12/12/2001 DAP ready to form secular Opposition front
12/12/2001 Zahir - resign as Speaker in shame and disgrace
11/12/2001 Islamic State - UMNO should not allow PAS to dictate its agenda
11/12/2001 Motion against Fong - Speaker and Ministers have "egg-shell" reputations?
10/12/2001 Gani's appointment as AG - "constitutional cloud" and lacking in legitimacy
10/12/2001 Suspend Rais as Minister for 6 months for disrespect to Speaker
10/12/2001 Motion against Fong Poh Kuan - travesty of parliamentary practice
9/12/2001 2001 World Human Rights Day : depressing date for democracy and human rights 
8/12/2001 Handling of multi-layered CLP scandals itself a great scandal
8/12/2001 Ainum should complete 2-yr term as AG as national service
7/12/2001 M - use window of opportunity from Rais' faux pax to reconsider Gani as AG
7/12/2001 Damansara Chinese primary school - third accolade by govt  to re-open school 
7/12/2001 Mahathir - reward moderate Muslims and not scare them
6/12/2001 Parliament - How to mark Human Rights Day
5/12/2001 Gani as AG - DAP seeks appointment with PM to ask to reconsider
5/12/2001 JAKIM website - Remove two insensitive articles on Islamic State 
4/12/2001 EPF - appoint Inter-religious council to advise on shares investments
4/12/2001 Gani's appointment as AG - both Zahir and Rais are wrong
3/12/2001 Parliamentary indolence, farce and disgrace
3/12/2001 Haram/halal shares - EPF should introduce two separate investment funds
2/12/2001 CLP - most difficult exam or hanky-panky "obstacle course"
2/12/2001 EPF's "haram" and "halal" stocks and shares 
1/12/2001 Islamic State - two breaches of assurance of no change of status quo
1/12/2001 CLP scandal: Parliament order to Khalid Yusoff to stay away from Board office
1/12/2001 Islamic state booklet - Has it been withdrawn by Info Ministry?
1/12/2001 AG - extend Ainum's term by three months to "stop the rot"