Archive - August 2001
31/8/2001 M's National Day message degenerated into political salvos
30/8/2001 More meaningful 44th National Day than tea for  PM "fit for emperors" 
30/8/2001 Suhakam report: Norian Mai's gross dereliction of duty 
29/8/2001 Abdullah - prove police human rights violated at Kesas Highway
28/8/2001 PAS' Islamic State - nub of BA crisis
27/8/2001 Mahathir - apologise for National Day message last year 
26/8/2001 Lobbying Republican extreme right - Tom DeLay after NCPPR? 
24/8/2001 PAS' Islamic State - Public Debate 
24/8/2001 Suhakam report: Police no power to violate human rights
23/8/2001 Suhakam report: M wants to compare with world's worst not best
23/8/2001 PAS' Islamic State requires repeal of Article 8 of Constitution?
22/8/2001 Suhakam latest  "anti-national" recruit?
22/8/2001 PAS Islamic State - bumi/non-bumi dichotomy replaced by Muslims/non-Muslims?
21/8/2001 Kesas Highway - Apology from IGP and AG should withdraw all pending charges 
18/8/2001 Islamic State - moderate and liberal interpretation?
18/8/2001 K-era - fundamental right to tertiary education 
18/8/2001 Petaling Selatan tragedy leads nation-building failures 
18/8/2001 Anwar CIA agent or Islamic fundamentalist? 
17/8/2001 National Day celebrations - stop double-standards
16/8/2001 Kayveas on DTC fire - "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread"
15/8/2001 Suhakam inquiry into ISA detentions - make it  public
14/8/2001 Suhakam inquiry into Kg Medan - stop "feet-dragging" 
13/8/2001 Suhakam - close it down or respect it!
12/8/2001 Landmark Federal Court decision
11/8/2001 Quality in higher education system - not bumiputra but national problem 
10/8/2001 Tanah Merah council ban on liquor sale
9/8/2001 MPs treated like school-children 
8/8/2001 KMM - PAS leadership should clarify Chinese newspaper report 
7/8/2001 Why police has not charged anyone for Joe Fernandez's murder? 
6/8/2001 Govt: prove existence of KMM or release the 10
4/8/2001 White Paper on Kumpulan Mujahideen Malaysia (KMM)
3/8/2001 Suhakam  report - Mahathir should withdraw blanket ban on ceramahs
3/8/2001 Meritocracy for all academic appointments and promotions 
2/8/2001 MCA takeover of NYSP/CP: New pressures needed