Archive - April 2001
30/4/2001 May Day Message and Daim's insurbordination
30/4/2001 Abdullah - outcome of 2-year study on petition for more press freedoms?
30/4/2001 Musa Hitam's proposal on  Commission of Inquiry on Education
29/4/2001 New "brain gain" policy - admit 500 SPM high-achievers to varsity
29/4/2001 Employers forewarned: 2% EPF deduction unlawful
28/4/2001 ISA arrests - Are the detainees safe?
28/4/2001 8th Plan - Daim should appear in Parliament to reply
27/4/2001 Fair share of primary school development allocations
27/4/2001 Mahathir - "semi-clean dictator"
27/4/2001 Daim's tall tale
26/4/2001 Paul's habeas corpus judgement - black day for human rights and democracy
26/4/2001 Cancel Vision School for Subang Jaya
26/4/2001 Free Anwar and restore full civil/political rights
26/4/2001 KLSE - "30-seconds rally exchange"
26/4/2001 8th Plan - Malaysia slips four places in World Competitiveness index
25/4/2001 How LKS's 1988 habeas corpus application was frustrated by seven-day shotgun amendment
25/4/2001 Stock market abuses, TMT, nomminee accounts & EPF
24/4/2001 Cabinet showdown on Daim's "bizarre" leave?
24/4/2001 ISA arrests: Police should stop "cloak and dagger" game
24/4/2001 8th Plan - Cabinet tomorrow last opportunity
23/4/2001 Delete Vision School from 8th Malaysia Plan
23/4/2001 UMNO in same corrupt mess as LDP
23/4/2001 Formal ISA  detentions after 60 days - the die is cast
22/4/2001 ISA arrests: Keng Yaik's ignominious turnabout
22/4/2001 New Deal for Mother-Tongue Education - 6th proposal
22/4/2001 EPF/KWAP bailout of Halim Saad's RM25 billion debts
22/4/2001 Bar rich from politics - unfair
21/4/2001 Daim sacked like Anwar?
21/4/2001 White Paper on Suhakam report for Parliament debate
20/4/2001 Badrul's ISA arrest - Police stop concocting 'fairy tales'
20/4/2001 Suhakam report - hold special Parliament debate
20/4/2001 Anwar's case - BN MPs caught red-handed telling a lie
20/4/2001 Chua Jui Meng made Malaysia a laughing stock
20/4/2001 Will Daim attend Mahathir's  8th Plan Presentation?
19/4/2001 Daim on way out?
19/4/2001 Pensions Trust Fund - lost another RM44 million in CAHB
19/4/2001 2% EPF cut from April unlawful and invites legal challenge
18/4/2001 Kerk's 3-day suspension: Speaker's gross abuse of powers
18/4/2001 Mahathir attacks Internet
18/4/2001 Chua Jui Meng  - apologise for  misleading statement about Hoogland 
18/4/2001 EPF 2% cut fiasco: Inquiry why Mahathir was exposed to ridicule
17/4/2001 ACA breakthrough in Perwaja cause of Zaki's downfall?
17/4/2001 ISA arrests: Foreigners more important than Malaysians?
17/4/2001 ISA arrests - Parliament a joke
16/4/2001 ISA arrests: Cabinet should call for immediate release if no evidence
16/4/2001 EPF - make public its full list of RM40 billion loans
15/4/2001 Anwar's return from Munich surgery: BA Presidents/Chairmen's collective guarantee
15/4/2001 ISA arrests: All BN Ministers/MPs speak up
15/4/2001 Mystery of new ACA chief
15/4/2001 ISA arrests: BA will repudiate "secret cell"
14/4/2001 Musa Hitam and Suhakam - Sterling performance
14/4/2001 LKS dates George Chan - jointly visit Miri port on 19th April
14/4/2001 ISA arrests: IGP should brief BA leaders
14/4/2001 Suhakam: conduct public inquiry in Taman Medan clashes
13/4/2001 Tamil New Year message - New Deal for Tamil education
13/4/2001 "Every sen in EPF safe" - Halim's meaningless statement
13/4/2001 ISA arrests - retaliation against Suhakam Kesas inquiry?
13/4/2001 ISA detainees - Police brutality ok provided no "black eye"?
12/4/2001 ISA arrests political - Mahathir escalates allegations
12/4/2001 Make public all the EPF loans (97-99) to ensure they are safe/prudent
12/4/2001 Miri port: LKS invites George Chan for joint visit
12/4/2001 ISA arrests: Norian Mai gives police another "black eye"
11/4/2001 Charge them for treason instead of ISA arrest
11/4/2001 Miri port photographic evidence - "biggest white elephant" in the country
Photo: SpaceRoad Access  QuartersPort Gate  Parking Bay  Main Building  Generator Room Cafeteria
11/4/2001 Tan Seng Hin is Tan Sin of Singapore 1965
11/4/2001 Seng Hin's case: George Chan must produce proof 
10/4/2001 Start of a new crackdown
10/4/2001 Seng Hin's deportation: reason too personal/petty
10/4/2001 Terengganu govt - drop ban on public alcohol drinking
9/4/2001 Rajasekaran heads EPF Contributors' Association
9/4/2001 Time dotCom - Prosecute KWAP Investment Panel
9/4/2001 Mahathir - explain why Zaki was dropped as ACA DG
9/4/2001 Zainal on Seng Hin as "extremist" - prove or apologise
9/4/2001 Edwin of Miri Port: Apologise within 48 hrs or ACA
9/4/2001 Mahathir to stay on until next general elections
8/4/2001 Miri port: "white elephant" lawyers and legal suit
8/4/2001 US apology for spyplane incident - Parliament motion
7/4/2001 Re-pegging of ringgit: let Parliament debate
7/4/2001 Seng Hin case - Sim Kheng Hui also must go?
7/4/2001 8th Malaysia Plan - only 3 new Chinese primary schools!
7/4/2001 RM3 billion stimulus package - ignored by Parliament
7/4/2001 Miri Port - Liong Sik dare not even visit
7/4/2001 2% EPF cut - illegal
6/4/2001 Vote on five EPF questions at Monday's forum
6/4/2001 Parliament - debate RM3 billion package first and  OPP3 later
6/4/2001 Seng Hin case - George Chan repudiating SUPP's past?
5/4/2001 Bush should apologise for US spy-plane collision in China
5/4/2001 Si Cheng - don't bully first-term MP
5/4/2001 EPF lost RM7 million in KLSE over Maybank last month?
4/4/2001 Are EPF monies involved in TMT manipulation of KLSE?
4/4/2001 Biggest"white elephant" Miri port: Is Auditor-General responsible?
4/4/2001 OPP3 to a new Dark Age?
3/4/2001 TMT manipulations of KLCI again yesterday
3/4/2001 RM350 million new Miri port - ACA should investigate "biggest white elephant" in country
3/4/2001 Parliament - debate Sarawak's ban on Seng Hin
2/4/2001 RM3b stimulus package - Parliament must first sanction
2/4/2001 Fauzi lucky to be able to pressure Mahathir
2/4/2001 EPF - ensure hassle-free for those who want to contribute 11%
1/4/2001 0PP3 - M's utter contempt for Parliament
1/4/2001 Fauzi's report agst Khalil: UMNO should not usurp ACA