Archive - June 2000 
30/6/2000 Terengganu oil royalty: M should drop issue
29/6/2000 Kong Choy: Distort DAP for survival in MCA
29/6/2000 SC and KLSE - good corporate governance wanted
28/6/2000 Let all MPs unite to suspend CJ next month
27/6/2000 Student delinquency: M should stop silly remarks
27/6/2000 Human Rights Commission - An important omission
26/6/2000 Rais - Convene Conference on judicial appointments
25/6/2000 BA - Go beyond "A Just Malaysia" Manifesto
23/6/2000 9000 lawyers - launch signature campaign
22/6/2000 Bar Council: Monitor judicial independence
22/6/2000 M's Cairo speech: Insult to all Malaysians
21/6/2000 Eusoff should not hear any case/appeal
21/6/2000 ACA - Wake up and stop dreaming!
20/6/2000 CJ violated Judges' Code of Ethics?
19/6/2000 MCA's glass ceiling in Cabinet
19/6/2000 Eusoff Chin - Decline extension as CJ
19/6/2000 "Justice For All" - Modernise Justice System 
17/6/2000 Rulers' Conference - stop Eusuff's extension as CJ
17/6/2000 Hearing fees make justice more inaccessible
16/6/2000 Eusoffe: Four days left to clear his name
15/6/2000 Eussoff - Rais said "settled"?
15/6/2000 Eusoff: No six-month extension as CJ
14/6/2000 Eusoff Chin case: Mahathir's statement outrageous
13/6/2000 Shafee testimony: Charge M for corruption
13/6/2000 Mahathir - respond to Shafee's expose
12/6/2000 RM11b Perwaja scandal: Bailing out the Bailor
12/6/2000 Cabinet - "Eyes that see not, ears that hear not"
11/6/2000 Cabinet: Set up Eusoff Judicial Tribunal
10/6/2000 Prove Suffian wrong - Independence of judiciary
10/6/2000 Eusoff Chin: Multiple questions
9/6/2000 Eusoff Chin: Resign if...
8/6/2000 "Justice in Jeopardy" - Eusoff Chin should respond 
7/6/2000 Eusoff Chin and Rais Yatim
7/6/2000 Samy's achievement: Indians an "underclass"
7/6/2000 Sothinathan: Explain MAIKA scandal role or withdraw as candidate
6/6/2000 Sothinathan - benefactor or hijacker
6/6/2000 RM1 billion Nipah virus package for Cabinet tomorrow
4/6/2000 MAIKA Sothinathan of Teluk Kemang