Archive - April 2000 
15/4/2000 Seattle/Washington Yes, Kuala Lumpur No
14/4/2000 Suffian on justice in Malaysia
13/4/2000 Lim Guan Eng case: a new injustice
12/4/2000 Justice in Jeopardy: Rais repudiates his own book?
11/4/2000 All-Party Parliamentary Committee on Justice in Jeopardy
10/4/2000 M: lead country back to political sanity
10/4/2000 Rais gets URL of "Justice in Jeopardy: Malaysia 2000" 
9/4/2000 Next report: "Requiem for Justice in Malaysia"?
8/4/2000 Conspiracy of Silence - Govt, HRC and media
7/4/2000 White Paper on "Justice in Jeopardy: Malaysia 2000" * Excerpt on Lim Guan Eng case 
6/4/2000 A terrible indictment on justice system in Malaysia * Read full report
5/4/2000 Election laws - total overhaul needed
4/4/2000 HRC's first task: Freedom of expression and the press
3/4/2000 Human Rights Commission: An alibi institution?
3/4/2000 Sanggang by-election: Stop the lies
2/4/2000 Sanggang - setback for democracy
1/4/2000 Rent Decontrol - No. 1 Govt. Crisis in Penang