Archive - November 1999


30/9/99 Hua Tuan Election Appeal: NECC inappropriate
30/9/99 Mahathir: Act of disloyaty/treason?
30/9/99 Mahathir - two contempts of court
30/9/99 Hua Tuan Appeal:just for few NECC II seats?
29/9/99 Rent Control: DAP private member's bill
29/9/99 Commission on "dirtiest" election in history
29/9/99 Anwar poisoning: Mahathir no respect for truth
29/9/99 Rahim Noor - never handcuffed or in lock-up!
28/9/99 Dirtiest election - BN's 3 "trump cards"
28/9/99 Substantive motion on CJ/CA judge
28/9/99 Howard Doctrine - Burial
28/9/99 Malaysian journalists: Break silence on Hibert case
28/9/99 Dr. Jeyakumar: Rescind Transfer Order
27/9/99 Chinese voters: BN's three "trump cards"
27/9/99 Samy acts only when DAP prods
27/9/99 Let Dr. Tai be last senseless police killing
27/9/99 Police: Why create manhunt atmosphere?
27/9/99 No Operation Lalang II?
26/9/99 Increase from RM600 to RM750-Police montly constable pay
26/9/99 Police: Don't humiliate opposition activists
25/9/99 ET: UN War Crimes Tribunal
25/9/99 Police carrying firearms: Call for full review
25/9/99 Anwar's poisoning: BN's 2/3 majority shaky
24/9/99 Extend repeal of rent control: Private Members Bill
24/9/99 Howard Doctrine: Resurrection of White Man's Burden
24/9/99 RM500,000 police compensation for Dr. Tai's killing
23/9/99 Police 'Trigger-happy' mentality
23/9/99 BH/UM Editors: Resign!
22/9/99 Anwar's poisoning: Mass media poisoning minds
22/9/99 MIC - No hanky-panky in RM3.2 million aid
22/9/99 Royal Commission on Anwar's poisoning
22/9/99 Capital controls - obstacle to capital inflows
21/9/99 Kill Aziz and Azmi?
21/9/99 Arrests: Police should stay out of politics
21/9/99 Will Liong Sik back down tomorrow?
20/9/99 Anwar: three proposals to restore public confidence
20/9/99 DAP completely wiped out next election?
20/9/99 Protect Iban NCR land: Royal Commission of Inquiry
19/9/99 Hua Tuan demands: MCA's two-faced stance
18/9/99 200,000 East Timorese refugees in W.T: Safe passage
17/9/99 ET multi-national force: Malaysia as head?
17/9/99 Anwar's poisoning probe: No timeframe
16/9/99 Malaysians want Hiebert released immediately
16/9/99 Mazlan: an honour to country
16/9/99 Demands - no threat but popular will
15/9/99 Mahathir's shame if Malaysia CMAGed
15/9/99 Hiebert case: Law Conf. opinion poll
15/9/99 Anwar's poisoning: Straightforward?
15/9/99 MMA should not purvey Mahathir's line
14/9/99 Mahathir: Apologise to Anwar
14/9/99 M: Pardon/Free Murray Hiebert
14/9/99 Malaysia - international pariah
13/9/99 Four Royal Commissions of Inquiry
12/9/99 Allow bail for Anwar/Pardon Hiebert
12/9/99 East Timor: War Crimes Tribunal
12/9/99 Killing not part of Malaysian culture?
11/9/99 Malaysian govt: speak up agst ET genocide
11/9/99 Hibert's jailing: LKS/LGE boycott Law Conference
11/9/99 Anwar's poisoning: "Headless" police probe
10/9/99 Anwar: arsenic poisoning?
8/9/99 Convene Emergency Parliament - seven reasons
7/9/99 Rot in Malaysia
7/9/99 East Timor - Malaysia's responsibility
6/9/99 Penang - "Watery city"
6/9/99 East Timur: ASEAN must act
5/9/99 Chinese education: new govt.policy needed
5/9/99 Eusoff Chin/Moktar Sidin: step down for full inquiry
5/9/99 Break BN political hegemony
4/9/99 East Timur Independence
2/9/99 Commonwealth Law Conference: Malaysia in dock
1/9/99 Anwar reports: M must clear his name