Archive - May 1999

31/5/99 Liong Sik's "minority race" concept
31/5/99 Liong Sik: First "two-faced" politician?
31/5/99 Nipah virus: What is happening in Bukit Tambun
30/5/99 Rais Yatim showing true colours
30/5/99 Opposition: 2/3 majority or power
29/5/99 On being PM - LKS
28/5/99 Opposition's "One-to-one" fight with BN
25/5/99 MAS low-fuel: Liong Sik should resign
24/5/99 Keng Yaik's insult:Over to Cabinet
23/5/99 Nipah virus: high risk control zone
22/5/99 MAS' dangerous low-fuel policy: Liong Sik's stand
21/5/99 Nipah pig culling: Penang should set example
21/5/99 Cabinet Reshuffle
20/5/99 Bukit Antarabangsa - Why Malaysia needs Good Governance
20/5/99 Mass Pig Cullings: Call for review
20/5/99 NCHR and Paris Principles
19/5/99 Human Rights Commission - Not an alibi body?
18/5/99 Tengku Razalaigh scam: electoral code of conduct
17/5/99 Hishammudin: "New Cup of Tea"
16/5/99 Forewarned: Repeat of Tengku Razaleigh election scam
15/5/99 DAP warns attacks on it "sedition, criminal defamation"
14/5/99 Malaysian Malaysia and Vision 2020
14/5/99 LGE: Politics of New Malaysia
13/5/99 Hishammudin: Abhor old politics of fear
12/5/99 AG's subversive doctrine of immunity
12/5/99 MAS: Sue British papers for "empty fuel" charges
11/5/99 Daim cannot be diam
10/5/99 Battle for Malaysian Malaysia II
10/5/99 MAS flying "on empty" over London
9/5/99 Break BN's political mould
7/5/99 Freedom of Information Act
6/5/99 Government assistance - pig-rearing industry excluded(Dewan Rakyat)
5/5/99 Elect a relevant Parliament for workers
4/5/99 CJM: Don't hide behind govt. official
3/5/99 The JE Obsession(Dewan Rakyat)
3/5/99 Declare assets - Power Play(Dewan Rakyat)
2/5/99 KKN: Royal Commission of Inquiry
1/5/99 LGE: Verdict in next elections