Archive - June 1999

30/6/99 Election Commission really independent?
29/6/99 Hospital corporatisation - Call for White Paper
28/6/99 Unconstitutional: M's interference with Election Commission
25/6/99 Common Manifesto next month
25/6/99 Election Commission: Safeguard your independence
24/6/99 Common Opposition Manifesto - final stage
24/6/99 Election Commission "fair, transparent"?
23/6/99 Why 650,000 new voters cannot vote
22/6/99 Putraja: RM5 billion better spent on low-cost houses
21/6/99 Full and not selective cronies list
19/6/99 Norian: Police committed to democratic values
18/6/99 650,000 new voters should be allowed to vote
17/6/99 M's "surprise"
16/6/99 Nipah virus in Penang
15/6/99 Rahim Noor: Aberration?
14/6/99 Keng Yaik and Islamic State
11/6/99 Century for social democracy in Asia-Pacific
10/6/99 Why M keeps talking about "violence"
9/6/99 Dirtiest election in history (2)
8/6/99 Dirtiest election in history
7/6/99 Election Commission Chairman/political hegemony
6/6/99 Liong Sik supported establishment of Islamic state
5/6/99 New Election Commission Chairman: Consult Opposition
4/6/99 Opposition not breaking up
3/6/99 Opposition disarray: M will be disappointed
2/6/99 Opposition leaders waiting to meet Norian Mai
1/6/99 MCA's Kadazan Tengkolok trickery
1/6/99 MAS low fuel - Call for Inquiry