Archive - January 1998

31/1/98 Redeposit over RM20 b in local banks
30/1/98 Bailout for nation, not individual, group or association
27/1/98 Increase external reserves, slash external debts
26/1/98 Haze catastrophe - no more!
26/1/98 Set up Save the Nation Campaign Commission
25/1/98 Don't cut too much on health, cut defence
25/1/98 Is there an economic crisis in Malaysia?
24/1/98 All-party national campaign
23/1/98 How long will it take to recover?
23/1/98 NEAC should be frank with Malaysians
23/1/98 Cabinet Ministers in NEAC - what criteria ?
23/1/98 Two long months to form NEAC
23/1/98 Warisan Harta-NBT deal - two key factors
23/1/98 NEAC - involve Malaysian society in confidence-restoration exercise
23/1/98 MCA - leadership by example?
22/1/98 Elections in six months?
22/1/98 Malaysia - a nation of rumours
21/1/98 Create a climate of informed society to counter rumours
21/1/98 NEAC : high expectations
20/1/98 Next six months the most difficult and painful months
20/1/98 Transforming into a New DAP
20/1/98 Keng Yaik: substantiate or withdraw remarks
20/1/98 Defend country�s economic freedom together
19/1/98 Bite of economic crisis felt
19/1/98 Emergency Parliament meeting to discuss third 1998 budget
19/1/98 EPF lost RM4bil in shares?
19/1/98 Cabinet - new blood, new faces, new thinking needed
18/1/98 Vicious falsehoods about LKS
17/1/98 Ministers, MBs & CMs should bring their foreign properties home
17/1/98 The Senate issue - latest
16/1/98 Have I betrayed my principles?
16/1/98 General election in six months?
16/1/98 UMNO Youth's action plan
16/1/98 Withdraw US2bil aid to Indonesia/Thailand
16/1/98 "API" over NBT scandal intensified
15/1/98 Increase external reserves immediate target
15/1/98 EPF - accountability & transparency
14/1/98 Abort Warisan Harta/NBT deal
14/1/98 EPF to save UEM?
14/1/98 UEM EGM really extraordinary
13/1/98 Migrant workers - why all the contradictions
13/1/98 How much EPF has lost in UEM shares?
13/1/98 Can minority shareholders sue KLSE?
13/1/98 State NEACs - action or advisory?
12/1/98 UEM waiver - another catastrophe
12/1/98 Racial unrest - All-Party meetings
11/1/98 DAP will cooperate with NEAC
11/1/98 State Integrity Committees & State Cover-up Committees
10/1/98 Economic Crisis - Be responsive to proposals & suggestions from all quarters
9/1/98 Suspend repeal of the Rent Control Act
9/1/98 External debt - Anwar vs. Bank Negara
9/1/98 Every Malaysian lost RM33,333 in past six months
9/1/98 Bernama's two roles
9/1/98 NEAC - is Daim full time?
9/1/98 Mahathir�s MHI appearance a mistake
8/1/98 Official complaint to Bernama Board of Governors
8/1/98 Time for bi-partisan policy
7/1/98 Perak MB's new residence - latest
7/1/98 Crisis test case - more democracy or repression
7/1/98 Bernama - serious journalistic lapse
7/1/98 Public meeting to defend Dewan Negara
7/1/98 Ministers not accessible through emails
7/1/98 Kedah land reclamation project - suspend EIA study
6/1/98 Bernama misleading the people - 24 hours to apologise
6/1/98 Open Letter to all Cabinet Ministers
5/1/98 NBT scandal - urgent steps needed to put things right
5/1/98 A market for rumours caused by information defisit
5/1/98 All Ministers should collectively resign
4/1/98 Renong: "No change in toll concession agreements"
4/1/98 Credit squeeze? Set up complaints bureau
2/1/98 Sacrifice! Replace appointive system for Senators by elective system
2/1/98 Blacklist UEM from all future privatisation contracts
1/1/98 SPM leak - award three students