Archive - September 1997

29/9/97 Since the 1990 haze, the government had been talking about a "haze contingency plan" which had never materialised despite the haze becoming increasingly worse in 1991, 1994 and now 1997
27/9/97 Proposal that Tan Sri Ghazalie Shafie take over as Chairman of the National Disaster Management and Relief Committee to help restore public confidence in the government’s handling of the haze disaster
26/9/97 The Indonesian Government should declare the raging thousands of forest fires an international disaster following the Garuda jetcrash killing 234 and seek United Nations help
26/9/97 Closure of Penang Airport yesterday and today although API was in the "unhealthy" level and not "very unhealty" or "hazardous" has deepened the crisis of confidence in the API among the people of Penang
25/9/97 Malaysian Government should declare a national disaster and send out SOS to South Korea and the United States for massive supply of suitable masks for the Malaysian population
25/9/97 Call on Anwar to put the health and welfare of people above money and revive the Clean Air Action Plan which was rejected by Cabinet three months ago because of financial considerations
25/9/97 Urgent fax to Mohamed Rahmat to show government fully serious and committed to address haze emergency by putting up hourly updates of API on the DOE website as well as making daily API forecasts for the next day
24/9/97 All Sarawak State Ministers should show themselves on television to convince the public that they are still in the state
24/9/97 Ministers should stop making thoughtless and contradictory statements which show their total helplessness as this only further undermine public confidence which is already at an all-time low
23/9/97 Malaysia has achieved another impossibility - the API in Kuching overshooting the 800 mark while the KLSE CI falling below 800 mark
22/9/97 Penang State Government should ensure that there is API monitoring station for Georgetown to keep track of air quality on the island
22/9/97 DAP calls for daily meeting of ASEAN Environment Ministers through videoconferencing on the haze crisis and urges Indonesian Government to internationalise the disaster of the raging thousands of forest fires
22/9/97 Did Mahathir expect his Hong Kong statements to undermine government’s recent efforts to restore investor confidence after the twin currency and stock market crises?
21/9/97 DAP veterans should create space for the emergence of new blood in leadership positions to help in the party renewal process to bring about a New DAP
21/9/97 Malaysia must learn from the haze emergency and adopt a two-pronged approach
20/9/97 DAP gives "no politicking" pledge on haze crisis but will not be deterred from speaking up about weaknesses and failures of government efforts in the best and highest interests of Malaysians
20/9/97 Why is the DOE and the National Disaster Relief Management Committee unable to provide hourly API updates over radio, television and Internet when the country is faced with a national disaster with the worst air pollution in history
19/9/97 DAP calls for an urgent summit of ASEAN heads of governments affected by haze to declare an ASEAN state of environment emergency
19/9/97 Government should give top priority to set up API monitoring stations in Sibu, Miri and Bintulu not only in view of the vastness of the state but because of its proximity to Kalimantan – the primary source of haze for Sarawak
18/9/97 Negotiated tender system one of the main causes of corruption, abuses of power and waste of public funds
18/9/97 Continuous slide in the stock market shows that restoration of investor confidence remains a central issue in Malaysian economy
18/9/97 Malaysia needs an Anti-Haze Supremo apart from Mohamad Rahmat to convince the people that the government is serious in fighting the haze crisis
17/9/97 Call on Chavalit Government of Thailand to immediately release and not to turn over the three ministers of Burma’s government-in-exile to SLORC or Thailand must bear full responsibility for their safety and future
17/9/97 Suharto’s apology is inadequate unless Indonesia is prepared to allow an ASEAN Haze Committee to have full powers to stop the raging forest fires in Indonesia which are choking Malaysia and neighbouring countries
16/9/97 How can government show its seriousness in fighting the national haze situation when it has diluted instead of tightened the anti-haze plan which was approved by the Cabinet three weeks ago on August 20?
15/9/97 Call for a total revamp of the National Haze Committee which has proved to be ineffective, inefficient and not serious in fighting the worst air pollution in Malaysian history
14/9/97 Malaysia might have avoided the worst of the twin currency and stock market crisis in July and August if there had been more press freedom allowing for diversity of opinions and views
13/9/97 Cabinet should declare a state of environmental emergency to implement the Clean Air Action Plan to address the long-term problem of air pollution as well as to mobilize national support for sustainable development
12/9/97 Call on the Attorney-General and the police not to apply the Computer Crimes Act against non-malicious hacking like the hacking of the Perak government homepage but to first focus on educating all teenagers about the severity of the law
12/9/97 Anwar Ibrahim should clarify on the IMF report that it had sounded an advance alarm about Malaysia’s vulnerability to an economic crisis a year ago
12/9/97 Election judge declaring Wong Sing Ai’s election as Sarawak Assemblyman for Kidurong null and void and ordering a new by-election most shocking and unexpected
12/9/97 Resignation of Chong Eng from the Penang State Assembly Standing Orders Committee a right and proper step as the proposal to limit time for Assembly members undemocratic, unwarranted and bad precedent
11/9/97 Call on Government to demonstrate that its advocacy of "Asian Values" and the review of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights does not signal the further denial and erosion of fundamental political and civil liberties of Malaysians
11/9/97 Call on Anwar to set a target to reduce the current accounts deficit to two per cent of GNP in his budget speech on Oct 17
10/9/97 DAP welcomes Education Ministry announcement to connect all the 9,000 primary and secondary schools to the Internet by 1999 but want a full report in Parliament next month as to how this could be achieved
9/9/97 DAP’s historic Bagan by-election victory was the first salvo of a new crusade to uphold democracy, justice and integrity in Malaysia and to create a New DAP after the worst DAP electoral defeat in the 1995 general elections
9/9/97 The Barisan Nasional Government should be more democratic and be prepared for an open contest of ideas with opposition parties by lifting its ban on political parties from selling their periodicals to the public
8/9/97 DAP welcomes government decision to introduce Data Protection legislation and calls for the appointment of a national data protection agency to protect rights of ordinary citizens in an information society
7/9/97 DAP calls on government to abandon the ISA mentality, repeal Internal Security Act and to allow for greater press freedom as two lessons from the currency and stockmarket turmoils
7/9/97 Call on Selangor to take the lead in Malaysia to instruct all municipalities and local authorities to establish a special IT department and to draw up a IT Plan to create "smart communities" in the state
5/9/97 DAP welcomes new government policy change on the real economic issues
4/9/97 Three short-term proposals to help local investors to prop up the stock market – one-month moratorium on margin calls and forced selling
4/9/97 Any stock purchase plan must be open and transparent or it would be a new element to undermine public confidence which would ultimately defeat the object of the entire exercise
4/9/97 Time for Penang to stop its political, economic and social decline in the past two years
3/9/97 Call on Leo Moggie to explain the outcome of government study on Data Protection Act to protect the rights of ordinary citizens in e-commerce
1/9/97 Call on all municipalities and local authorities to establish a special IT department and to draw up a IT Plan to begin the process of creating "smart communities" in Malaysia in keeping with the country’s aim to leapfrog into the Information Society
1/9/97 Although Malaysia has passed the Digital Signature Act it is still behind Singapore in establishing a Digital Certification Authority