Archive - June 1997

29/6/97 Muhammad Taib should explain the latest Australian press revelation that he had bought more than A$3 million property in New Zealand in the past year and registered in his wife’s name
29/6/97 Public confidence in the rule of law and an all-out war against corruption are two important prerequisites if Malaysia is to be respected internationally as a civil society which can be a model for other nations
29/6/97 IGP may have won his war of words with Minister for National Unity and Social Development but he has lost the support of the general public with his bullying, unsympathetic and gung-ho attitude to a real social problem about domestic violence
29/6/97 Malaysia should bid to host the 9th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) in Kuala Kumpur in 1999
29/6/97 Jui Meng should present before July 10 a White Paper on the deadly viral epidemic in Sarawak which had killed 30 infants so that the debate on the White Paper would be the first item of Parliamentary business when the Dewan Rakyat reconvenes on July 14
28/6/97 Liong Sik’s stance on ACA investigations into Ling Hee Leong most evasive and therefore disappointing
28/6/97 Advice to Chua Jui Meng to abandon old politics, adapt to the new political culture of greater accountability and transparency and understand that the Opposition is part of the system of governance of the country
27/6/97 As University of Malaya’s corporatisation has been further changed to January 1, 1998, the corporatisation of the other seven public universities should also be implemented by the same date
26/6/97 Surprise that MCA Ministers do not know about the government decision to make Islamic civilisation a compulsory subject for undergraduates at all public and private institutions of higher learning
26/6/97 Health Minister, Chua Jui Meng should table a White Paper in Parliament on July 14 to give a full report on the deadly viral epidemic in Sarawak which had killed 29 and why after more than two months the killer virus is still undetected
26/6/97 I would not hesitate to give fulsome praise to Liong Sik if he could lead a campaign to clean up the Transport Ministry to establish the national reputation as among the cleanest Ministries in the country
26/6/97 ACA should rise to the challenge posed by the first ACA Director-General, Harun Hashim when he said "The ACA is on trial" and establish an international reputation as a premier anti-corruption body comparable to ICAC of Hong Kong
25/6/97 Cabinet should give serious consideration to the proposal that estates should be placed under the Rural Development Ministry instead of the Human Resource Ministry to better look after the welfare of the estate workers
25/6/97 When will Malaysia have the first case of confiscation of the multi-million ringgit ill-gotten gains of the corrupt ?
25/6/97 Letter to Youth Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin on why application for RM50,000 loan by Indradevy a/p Murugesu had been rejected and whether the Youth Economic Trust Fund is reserved only for bumiputeras
25/6/97 Chua Jui Meng should publicly apologise for his baseless allegation blaming the 27 viral deaths on the "tidak apa" attitude of parents as well as misleading parents that children above five years old could not become victims
24/6/97 Youth Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin should explain why application for RM50,000 loan by Indradevy a/p Murugesu had been rejected and whether the Youth Economic Trust Fund is reserved only for bumiputeras
24/6/97 Call on Cabinet to present amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act to send a clear and unmistakeable signal that the government is serious in its all-out war against corurption
24/6/97 Chua Jui Meng is only further antagonsing the public by making the baseless charge blaming the parents for the 27 deaths arising from viral myocarditis
23/6/97 In keeping with the "IT For All" target, Education Minister to be asked in Parliament next month to give progress report of supplying power to 1,273 schools without power or limited power supply
22/6/97 ASEAN should express grave concern that SLORC is failing its probation to be an ASEAN member with the latest wave of repression by SLORC
22/6/97 Malaysian health authorities and consumer movement should require local tobacco industry to bear responsibility for smoking-related diseases as well as to eliminate youth smoking
21/6/97 DAP proposes the establishment of Royal Commission for a National Integrity System under Dr. Syed Hussein Alatas
21/6/97 New International Airport in Kedah another consequence of a Penang State Government which had become too complacent because of too big a win in the last general elections
21/6/97 DAP calls on the Cabinet to review the RM13.6 billion Bakun dam project because of its lack of accountability and transparency despite being billed as a "national project"
21/6/97 MCA leadership should emulate UMNO and Gerakan leaders by giving full enthusiastic support for the all-out war against corruption instead of being so lukewarm and unsupportive
20/6/97 Health Minister Chua Jui Meng should hand over the whole management of the viral epidemic crisis to the Health Ministry Director-General Tan Sri Abu Bakar Sulaiman as the first step to restore public confidence
20/6/97 Call on mass media in Malaysia to play an important role in the all-out war against corruption and to build a culture of public integrity
20/6/97 Liong Sik given 24 hours to lodge ACA report
19/6/97 Full support to Anwar when he declared that "Now is the time to act…we will catch the big ones and we will catch the small ones"
19/6/97 Liong Sik should make a full statement as to what role he had played in his son’s RM1.2 billion corporate acquisitions in three months at the age of 27
18/6/97 Health Minister, Datuk Chua Jui Meng should officially request help from Singapore health authorities in the fight against the viral epidemic in Sarawak which had killed 26 infants
18/6/97 Ling Hee Leong to explain how, at the age of 27 and without any track record, he could make the phenomenal catapult to the billion-ringgit bracket of the corporate stratosphere in a matter of three months
17/6/97 ACA report for full investigations into RM1.2 billion corporate wealth of Ling Hee Leong firstly an act of self-defence and secondly a public service to create a culture of public integrity of political leaders
16/6/97 ACA will take a statement from me tomorrow with regard to the report on Ling Hee Leong’s ownership of RM1.2 billion shares
15/6/97 Penang Chief Minister should use his powers and discharge his responsibility to convene a joint Federal-State Government conference to ensure that social welfare officers in Penang stop abusing their powers in the state
15/6/97 Liong Sik’s statement that his son, Hee Leong is prepared to co-operate in ACA investigations most welcome as it would not do Hee Leong or his father any good if they adopt an obstructive attitude
14/6/97 Minister for National Unity and Social Development, Datin Zaleha Ismail, should publicly apologise to the six teenage-girl victims, their families and the people of Penang for the gross abuse of power by state welfare officers
14/6/97 ACA will begin investigations into the ACA report on Ling Hee Leong’s RM1.2 billion corporate riches on Tuesday
14/6/97 I have furnished the Health Minister the Internet information about offers of help from foreign medical experts with regard to the suspected Cocksackie Virus B outbreak
13/6/97 Health and Education Ministries should not be stubborn and reconsider and declare emergency holidays for Std. I, II and II classes in the affected schools in Sibu, Kuching and Miri
13/6/97 ACA should give top priority to investigations into the ACA report on 27-year-old Ling Hee Leong’s phenomenal catapult into the billion-ringgit bracket in the corporate stratosphere and to give a report to Parliament in the July meeting
12/6/97 Call on Health Minister, Datuk Chua Jui Meng to explain whether the Health Ministry has made full use of the offers of assistance made through the Internet on the alleged Coxsackie Virus B outbreak in Sarawak
12/6/97 Invitation to Liong Sik to meet at ACA Hqrs at Jalan Duta at 11 a.m. tomorrow, for him to lodge ACA report on the DAP collection of funds to pay his RM29,960 legal costs
11/6/97 DAP calls on Cabinet to send a clear signal to the mass media, both printed and electronic, that they should play a more active role to expose and fight corruption in Malaysia
11/6/97 ASEAN Governments must press SLORC to release all political detainees before Burma’s admission to ASEAN next month
11/6/97 Keng Yaik should explain how Gerakan is going to help DAP promote the Teluk Intan by-election 20-Points in Cabinet and Parliament
10/6/97 Coxsackie Virus B outbreak - one death is one too many for Sarawak and Malaysia, let alone 21 deaths!
10/6/97 Advice to Liong Sik to take a serious approach to the problem of all-out war against corruption and not to play politics just to score petty points
9/6/97 Education Ministry should declare emergency school holidays for primary schoolchildren in the high-risk age group in Sarawak until the Health Ministry has restored public confidence that the deadly virus which had claimed 21 lives is fully under control
9/6/97 DAP proposes that Penang State Government establish a Rent Decontrol Charter Council to ensure that tenants of pre-war premises get justice and fairplay in the rent decontrol process
9/6/97 I will seek appointment with Acting Prime Minister, Anwar Ibrahim to give full support for an all-out war against corruption
8/6/97 Tsu Koon should declare his stand in the Penang State Assembly whether he supports the DAP’s proposed three-principle five-measure Charter for tenants of pre-war premises
8/6/97 Make anti-corruption the highlight of July meeting of Parliament just as computer laws were the highlight of the April/May Parliament
7/6/97 Cabinet should honour the Bill of Guarantee for the Multimedia Super Corridor that there would be no Internet censorship and declare that there would be no licensing for Internet subscribers and those with homepages as suggested by Information Minister
7/6/97 Tsu Koon should apologise to the people of Tanjong for the irresponsibility and negligence of Penang State Government and MPPP in the avoidable man-made Tanjong Subsidence Disaster
7/6/97 Three proposals on the Yang di Pertuan Agong’s birthday to give teeth to Mahathir’s all-out war against corruption - including million-ringgit fines for corruption offences
6/6/97 SLORC should show positive results in ASEAN constructive engagement policy in the eight-week probation before formal admission to ASEAN in the third week of July
6/6/97 DAP welcomes further measures on the anti-corruption front which has made me dare to hope for the first time in three decades that there is a possibility that the Government may embark on an all-out war against corruption in high political places
5/6/97 DAP calls for inquiry as to why the Health Ministry allowed the deadly Coxsackie B virus to go on a rampage for seven weeks claiming 17 lives before taking serious action
5/6/97 Celestine Ujang asked to fix a briefing for DAP leaders on the commercial development of native customary rights land in Sarawak end of the month
5/6/97 Keng Yaik should be suspended as Cabinet Minister for the height of irresponsibility in failing to clarify the RM600 million "missing" Risda funds for a full week
4/6/97 Call for comprehensive review of election laws, including lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 years-old
4/6/97 Poet-philosopher Muhammad Iqbal’s ideals for justice, equity and freedom must be lived and not just debated
4/6/97 All new Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries should also be required to declare their assets to the ACA and subject to ACA clearance before taking office
3/6/97 Health Ministry should declare the affected Sarawak divisions as epidemic areas for Coxsackie, which has caused the death of 14 children within less than two months
2/6/97 Keng Yaik should table the Teluk Intan 20 Points on Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting rather than submitting a fictitious report about how Gerakan lost in the Teluk Intan by-election
2/6/97 Cabinet should take a policy decision to introduce amendments to the Prevention of Corruption Act 1961 in July meeting of Parliament to send out a clear message that the government is serious in the fight against corruption
2/6/97 DAP calls for a public commission of inquiry into the RM600 million Risda Replanting Fund scandal
1/6/97 Attorney-General should charge UMNO Youth leader Zahid Hamidi for the offence of sedition in questioning one of the four sensitive issues when he called for the revocation of citizenship of Lim Guan Eng
1/6/97 IT and a Knowledge Society will be critical determinants as to whether Vision 2020 objective of Malaysia becoming a fully developed nation is a success or failure