Archive - February 1997

28/2/97 Malaysia should ratify human rights covenants
27/2/97 National campaign agaisnt IT "technophobia"
26/2/97 Corruption - power to confiscate ill-gotten wealth
25/2/97 Consumers’ Council to monitor performance of Telekom Malaysia
25/2/97 Social Ills - DAP offers co-operation
24/2/97 Corruption - a key social ill in Malaysia today
23/2/97 First question in March Parliament: Selangor MB's RM2.4m cash caper in Brisbane
22/2/97 Hacking - not in cyberbill on computer crime?
22/2/97 Tanjong Subsidence- from 10 to over 300 houses in four months
21/2/97 Pergau - Cost escalated from RM1.3 billion to over RM2 billion?
20/2/97 Deng Xiaoping’s death: A star has fallen
20/2/97 Bakun - Constitutional Amendment on Environment
19/2/97 Tanjong Subsidence - Issue Daily Bulletin
19/2/97 Bukit Begunan - Mahathir should step in
18/2/97 Bukit Begunan - Mong should not be renominated
18/2/97 RM2.4 million - Brisbane Courier Mail report to ACA
17/2/97 University - Corporatisation and brain drain
17/2/97 Bukit Bintang & Bukit Begunan
16/2/97 RM2.4 m case - ACA to Brisbane?
16/2/97 Vote-buying - New law needed
16/2/97 Form Tanjong Subsidence Compensation Committee
15/2/97 Muhammad Taib should clarify the Brisbane Courier Mail report which contradicts his version of his RM2.4 million cash caper in Brisbane
15/2/97 Penang Chief Minister should give an assurance that the people in Tanjong affected by the repeal of the Rent Control Act